At Merchant Makers, we like to get under the skin of an organisation before we even think of writing a piece of code. We want to understand your business, how each department works and interacts. From this we can ascertain where existing business processes or technology problems lay and where we can add value. We may even challenge your brief and ideas and add our own into the mix. This makes us different and is ultimately the reason behind our success.


With an array of programming skills from .net, Windows, PHP, SQL etc, we can work with your existing software to create 'add-on' functionality or we can simply create a bespoke solution from your brief.

We don't just stop there either, we provide training and ongoing support to ensure that you get the very best from your investment.

One area we specialise in is converting an Access database to a SQL  Database ...

So, whether it's CRM, Web Analysis, Database Creation, Marketing, Reporting, or Online Sales why not call us to discuss your requirements.